Charity – Drive a Student to School in a Dodge Viper

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My wife works at the Leroy L. Wood Elementary School in Fairhaven, Mass. They were having a spaghetti dinner to help raise funds for their field trip this past spring. The school also asks people to donate things or services that they could use to raffle off to raise funds. My wife mentioned to me that it would be a cool idea to have a raffle for driving a student to school in a Dodge Viper. I would like to say that the ride in the Viper raised the most money, but I was competing with the gym teacher donating his own childhood scooter, and that was a tough act to beat. Well, we’ll just call it a tie.

Kristen Plante was the student who won. She is a 6-year-old first-grader and was so excited that she was getting a ride in a Viper. One of the first things she said to her mom was, “What am I going to wear?” Man, they start young! When I picked her up at her house, I showed her how to do the fangs greeting. We arrived at school with all sorts of fanfare; kids were lined up along the fence for over 100 yards. I enjoyed myself as much as she did. I told her I would write a letter to VIPER Magazine to see if they would print this story and maybe send her a copy for a souvenir. This would be another way to put a smile on a child’s face.

Richard Desrosiers

Fairhaven, Mass.

It’s always nice to hear about a youngster’s day being made. We’ll be sure to send souvenir copies. Thank you for sharing this story with the Viper Nation!—Ed

Viper at the Pass

I’m from Switzerland and already a member of VCA Switzerland. Here’s my Viper on the pass of St. Gotthard in Switzerland. The photograph was taken in late May.

Best regards,

Ruedi Gisler

Unteraegeri, Switzerland

That’s a cool shot of your Viper! Thanks for the correspondence and for your interest in VIPER Magazine.—Ed.

How Bad Have You Got It?

We just wanted to shoot you photos of our Dodge family—thought the readers might enjoy it. We own three graphite color Dodge vehicles. A 2005 Dodge Ram, 2005 Dodge Magnum SRT8® and a 2005 Dodge Stratus. The Ram and Stratus are our daily drivers; the Magnum is only used if we get company or go on a trip.

Now for the real toys:
?Emerald Green w/tan interior 1994 RT/10
?– Plate reads SNAKBIT1 for Gen 1,
?Sapphire Blue w/silver stripes 2001 GTS
?– Plate reads SNAKBIT2 for Gen 2,
?White 2004 Mamba SRT10® – Plate reads SNAKBIT3 for Gen. 3.

You heard the NASCAR slogan “How bad have you got it?” Well, I even have the Viper Emblem on my golf cart.

Don Smith

Concord, N.C.

Yes, you’ve got it bad. But that’s a good thing! All the best!—Ed.

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My Toys

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I really enjoyed the story about Mr. Elser’s garage and basement full of Viper collectibles in the Fall 2009 issue of VIPER Magazine. My garage is not that nice, but it looks cool. My toys include a 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10®, 2006 Dodge Ram SRT10 with 6-speed manual transmission and 2010 Camaro SS.

Carroll Gerrald

Arizona City, Ariz.

Nice pair of smokin’ fast SRT10s, Carroll. We’re sure you get a lot of attention driving them. Thank you for the correspondence and interest in VIPER Magazine.—Ed.

Our Little Viper Girl

This is my wife, Gloria’s, 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 with our 12-year-old great granddaughter, Tori Thatcher. Tori’s already interested in cars. She is our little Viper girl.

Art Piel

Petoskey, Mich.

Thanks for sharing the photo of your ’08 Viper and great granddaughter. Perhaps she’ll be a future Viper owner, too.—Ed.

Viper Storage Tips

Hello, I am a Viper Club member. I know years ago you did a piece about long-term (winter) storage. I have looked through my back issues (some missing) and can’t seem to find it. It had suggestions for tire pressure and such. Any chance you know what issue that was in? Thank you.

Jim Hengel

Via e-mail

You’re referring to a Viper winter storage feature article in the Winter 2007 issue of VIPER Magazine (pages 22–23) titled “Temple of Doom.” Unfortunately we’re sold out of that issue, but we’d be happy to send you a photo copy of the article. For information about VIPER Magazine back issue availability—$7.00 each while supplies last—visit or call Viper Headquarters toll-free at (800) 998-1110.—Ed.

2010 Hot Wheels Line Includes 2008 Viper ACR

As a long time subscriber, I am always happy to see a new issue of VIPER Magazine in the mailbox. It’s even better when it features such great things as the good news about the rebirth of Viper production. I always enjoy Maurice’s updates on Viper diecast, and I did want to throw in that (if he doesn’t yet know or have a wall full of) the 2010 Hot Wheels new model line release includes a 2008 Viper ACR in red with black stripes. These are already on the pegs and in my collection now. I’m sure we’ll see some paint variants in the future, as Hot Wheels will make the most of a casting, and one this good deserves a long run. Although it’s not the newest body style, Green Lights Motor World division has released a 2003 SRT10 roadster in 1:64 (gold/black) as well as a 1:43 in black.

Thanks and continue the great work!

John D. Canfield

Via e-mail

John, thank you for sharing this information as we know it will be of interest to many of our readers.—Ed.


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A New Viper in the Valley

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Hello, I currently reside in southern Texas and take pleasure in reading VIPER Magazine. As I have always envied Dodge’s amazing Viper machines, I have dreamed of owning one someday. That someday came one day in October 2008. I was shopping for a very Viper orange Dodge Viper convertible with charcoal racing stripes and found that quantities in the United States were limited. I located one in northern Colorado and managed to make a deal with a dealership. Having only seen a few pictures of the vehicle, I purchased the vehicle and had it shipped to me in an enclosed car hauler.

Anxiously awaiting my new Viper’s arrival, the shipping company notified me and I rushed home to meet them. As they unloaded the vehicle I was speechless. I recall sitting in the vehicle for an hour in the garage doing nothing other than hoping I would not awake from a dream. As time has progressed so has my volume of work. Unfortunately, I am not able to drive it as much as I would like, but I do take the occasional weekend trip down country roads and every once in a while to South Padre Island’s Texas beach.

At age 32, I can say I have owned many fast and amazing machines. However, I can honestly say nothing has ever given me a rush quite like a Viper. I love the publishing of custom Viper license plates in your magazine and thought I would share mine in the hopes that maybe one issue it will be published as well.

“One day with the top down is better than a lifetime in a box …”

J. Matthew Eckert

Via e-mail

Congratulations on taking possession of your first Viper! It’s always nice to see enthusiasm, like yours, for Dodge and the Viper. And we know you’ll be able to enjoy longer driving seasons (with the top down) than most Viper owners, living in the Texas Rio Grande Valley.—Ed.

Viper Soccer Team

Here are some tough Vipers—my daughter Camilia’s age ten and under AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) team. Lia—short for Camilia—is standing to the left of the banner. The expressions are an attempt at showing me their mean faces.

Patricia Jimenez

Menlo Park, Calif.

Thanks for sharing the great photo of your daughter’s Viper soccer team, Patricia. They all have their game faces on and look fearless! Perhaps seeds have been planted today for future Dodge Viper owners.—Ed.

First Viper RT/10

[[article_two_image]]I’ve been a new Dodge Viper RT/10 owner for over a year! My Viper’s features include: 13″ EBC Sport Slotted and Dimpled Brake Rotor Set, EBC Greenstuff Pads, Harland Sharp 1.7 Ratio Roller Rockers, MSD 8.5 mm spark plug wires, Billy Boat Performance Exhaust with 3″ high-flow cats, American Racing Headers – 1 5/8″ stepped up to 1 ¾” primary tubes, Hurst shifter, Clutch lower kit, Fidanza fly wheel, Centerforce clutch, Paxton supercharger and 42 lb. fuel injectors.

I’ve loved Vipers since I was a kid. Here’s a photo of my license plate. Do you feel it fits my Viper? I love VIPER Magazine and wish it came out every month. Keep up the great work!

Piero Zito

Via e-mail

Absolutely! Great license plate, Piero! Thank you for sharing the photo and mentioning all the modifications to your RT/10.—Ed.


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Viper Garages

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Viper Garages

I love receiving VIPER Magazine. Over the years VM has featured many stories and photos of some awesome Viper garages. The last issue was even dedicated to this subject. While some of those garages are indeed impressive, I think we can all agree that ANY garage that is home to a Viper is an awesome garage. I am enclosing a photo of my garage, along with a photo of my license plate. The fact that my garage is on a Delaware beach is its strongest attribute.

Dan Perrino

Via e-mail

We agree. Any garage that has a Viper in it rules! And, you’ve got a garage on the water, and there is no substitute for that! Thank you for the kind thoughts regarding VM and for sending the photos.—Ed.

Viper Production Results

I’ve subscribed to VIPER Magazine for five years now and really enjoy reading and examining the year-end production results for each model year. These articles generally contain the number of each color produced and of each model. Where can I obtain this information for the 2000–2002 model years? Thank you.

Matthew Ames

Via e-mail

Matthew, exterior color production totals for 2000–2002 Dodge Vipers are below. The information is from the Viper Registry at A good resource for more information is at—Ed.

2000-2002 Dodge Viper Production Totals

Fantastic Vehicle

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Fantastic Vehicle

In reading your recent issue of VM (Winter 2009), I was impressed and most thrilled to see the display of personalized license plates from various states.

Thereupon, I took a picture of my 2003 Viper SRT10®’s rear license plate to submit for your consideration in a subsequent publication.

Furthermore, it has been one of the greatest pleasures in my life to spend time driving this wonderful machine. Everyone that has been seated beside me has also enjoyed the exuberance and exhilaration that comes with the ride.

I would like to take this opportunity also to commend you on the wonderful job you and your staff have done in bringing this fantastic vehicle to light. Keep up the good work!


Raymond J. Bucci, M.D.

Simi Valley, Calif.

Thank you for the kind words about our publication, Dr. Bucci. Regarding the Viper being a fantastic vehicle, we could not agree with you more.—Ed.

VM Back Issue

Could you send me a PDF of the Winter 2009 issue of VIPER Magazine? My friend would like to view this issue. She doesn’t want a hard copy.


Laura Sullivan

Via e-mail

Laura, the Winter 2009 issue of VIPER Magazine is available online at—Ed.

So Many Combinations

I found the article about the 2008 model year Viper production in the spring issue of VIPER Magazine very interesting. WOW, 121 different paint and body combinations. I didn’t realize there were that many possible combinations.

Best Regards,

Chris Moleski

Via e-mail

You’re not alone, Chris. There were many VIPER Magazine readers that were amazed at the number of possibilities for paint and body combinations.—Ed.

Viper Plant

I heard the Viper plant is operational. That’s fantastic! It’s music to my ears.


Heidi Stender

Via e-mail

After being idle for over three months, the 392,000-sq-ft Conner Avenue Assembly Plant was temporarily operational. However, as I write this letter, the plant is idle again during Chrysler LLC’s reorganization.—Ed.

Connor Avenue Assembly History:

Built in 1966, the plant was purchased by Chrysler in 1995. Dodge Viper production began in May 1992 at the New Mack Assembly Plant and was moved to Conner Avenue in October 1995. Prowler production began in May 1997 and ended in February 2002. Viper V-10 engine production transferred from Mound Road Engine to Conner Assembly in May 2001.

Viper Fans to the Core

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Viper Fans to the Core

Harlen and LaDonna Core love their Vipers. We proudly drive a yellow 2001 GTS/ACR around Oklahoma City and enjoy our Oklahoma Viper club very much. Our club president, Jon Hansen, plans a great schedule of luncheon meetings, shows and races, as well as an annual party at Christmas. This Christmas party has always had a Viper theme.

Harlen just had his 76th birthday. Believe it or not he loves to drag race in his 1966 Plymouth Valiant. This little Plymouth has a 440 cid engine and runs in the eleven second class at a local raceway. The yellow Viper runs in the twelve’s and is pure stock with street tires. Harlen also drove in the SRT® Track Experience at Texas Motor Speedway where he won first place in the drifting contest. He also drove Vipers with other Viper club members at the Phoenix, Ariz. Chrysler Proving Grounds in timed road races.

The picture shows our stable of Mopars in our front yard. We drive a Chrysler 300C for family driving. We pull the drag car with a Quad Cab® HEMI® Ram. We purchased one of the last built SRT10® Viper pick-ups in November 2006. This truck is one fine ride. It is loaded with the comforts of life such as navigation, Sirius radio and Bluetooth. LaDonna enjoys driving it because it’s a comfortable, fast, smooth-driving truck. The plates of the yellow Viper read: SP D Core. The Viper pick-up simply reads: VIPER 2.

We look forward to each issue of VIPER Magazine. Thanks for considering our pictures.

Harlen and LaDonna Core

Oklahoma City, Okla.

In considering your photos, Mr. & Mrs. Core, we came to the conclusion that you possess one very impressive collection of lawn ornaments! If only we could be so lucky. We especially appreciated the heading of your letter: “Mopar® or No Car is the Core Motto.” Funny—that’s the motto at VM as well. — Ed.

Blue Christmas

Merry Christmas to the entire staff involved in VIPER Magazine. It is an excellent publication that is not only informative but very creative. If it fits your format, please insert the photos (or license plate) in a future issue. Thanks!

Don Sterly

Gurnee, Ill.


Although this issue hits readers’ mailboxes in the spring, at press time an abundance of ice and snow has kept every one at VM headquarters in the holiday spirit. We thought we’d feature one of the many warm season’s greetings sent in from the Viper Nation. Thanks a bunch, folks—it sure beats hate mail! — Ed.


The chart listing the color totals of 2008 Vipers, featured in the Winter 2009 issue of VM, was incomplete. The full chart is included on page 32–33 of this issue. VIPER Magazine apologizes for the error.


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Viper owners are still basking in the glow of the Viper Owners Invitational held in Detroit.

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Classic Celebration

What a blast! I have to admit, I wasn’t totally pumped up when I heard VOI.10 was being held in Detroit—but I’ve never been so happy to be proven wrong. From the first-class accommodations at the Motor City Hotel, to the tour of the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant to our cruise along the Detroit River, the event was just one highlight after another.

My thanks to Dodge, the VCA and all the sponsors who made VOI such a success. I’m keeping my fingers crossed we see an announcement for VOI.11 someday soon.

Max Falzone

Charlotte, N.C.

Relief At Last

I purchased my Viper (a 2003 convertible) about six months ago and while it has been a source of tremendous pleasure, it has also led to a lot of frustration. I mean, when I get to 70 mph in the first three gears, what am I supposed to do with the other three? The car wants to go, but I had to keep reigning it in. That was, at least, until the Viper Owners Invitational.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to be able to take my Viper out on the road course at the Chelsea Proving Grounds or on the drag strip at Milan. Finally, my Viper was able to do what it was meant to—go fast! I wanted to add, however, how much fun the Caliber SRT4® head-to-head challenge was. Those cars are incredible. I attached a photo my wife took. You don’t need a Viper to have fun—but it sure helps.

Ted Cooke

Hillsdale, Mich.

The Best Ever

I’ve been to a number of Viper Owners Invitationals in the past, but for a number of reasons, I’ve missed the last few. So I didn’t really know what to expect when I came to Detroit for VOI.10. I know things haven’t been great in the auto industry in general and at Chrysler and Dodge in particular, so I was wondering if all the outside pressures would cast a pall on the proceedings. I’m happy to say the Viper Nation didn’t let me down.

The Viper ownership group is truly a special collection of people. You can put together all the racing events and banquets you want, but if you don’t enjoy the people you’re with, what’s the point? The people who own Vipers and drive Vipers are among the friendliest and nicest folks in the world. Being with them in Detroit made me realize what a mistake it has been for me to miss any of these special events. If there’s a VOI.11, let me know. I’ll be there.

Greg Hite

Huntingdon, Pa.


Due to an editorial oversight, the Steering Angle column in the Fall 2008 issue of VM contained text that was not approved by Kipp Owen. VIPER Magazine apologizes for the error.

May the Force Be With You

There are a lot of reasons to go to VOI, but for someone like me who doesn’t like to race my Viper (my baby is too precious to subject to that kind of punishment), I find pleasure in other areas. The biggest kick I get is from seeing the hundreds of Vipers, in a blaze of color, all parked together in one place. I took this photo at the parking corral on Belle Isle before the Detroit Grand Prix and I think it’s a good example of what I’m talking about. Seeing these Vipers out in force sends a message to everyone who wanders by—there’s nothing like a Viper.

Bruce Renton

Cincinnati, Ohio

One Question

OK, I made it back home from VOI and have finally settled down into my day-to-day routine. There’s just one thing I want to know—when is the next one?

Paul Widman

Boca Raton, Fla.

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