Viper Garages

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Viper Garages

I love receiving VIPER Magazine. Over the years VM has featured many stories and photos of some awesome Viper garages. The last issue was even dedicated to this subject. While some of those garages are indeed impressive, I think we can all agree that ANY garage that is home to a Viper is an awesome garage. I am enclosing a photo of my garage, along with a photo of my license plate. The fact that my garage is on a Delaware beach is its strongest attribute.

Dan Perrino

Via e-mail

We agree. Any garage that has a Viper in it rules! And, you’ve got a garage on the water, and there is no substitute for that! Thank you for the kind thoughts regarding VM and for sending the photos.—Ed.

Viper Production Results

I’ve subscribed to VIPER Magazine for five years now and really enjoy reading and examining the year-end production results for each model year. These articles generally contain the number of each color produced and of each model. Where can I obtain this information for the 2000–2002 model years? Thank you.

Matthew Ames

Via e-mail

Matthew, exterior color production totals for 2000–2002 Dodge Vipers are below. The information is from the Viper Registry at A good resource for more information is at—Ed.

2000-2002 Dodge Viper Production Totals

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