Perfect Match

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By Brian Reynolds

We are in the business of rebuilding and selling helicopters and as a Dodge Viper enthusiast I look for a new color to build a show helicopter with every year. The problem is I end up having to buy the car to make sure I like the colors! Here’s the project we did last year. It’s an overhauled and modified Bell UH-1H Huey. It’s painted with Viper Violet and black and looks stunning in person! I just sold it to a customer in Alaska. We added some silver to it for him but it still—and always will be—the only Huey painted with the Viper Violet paint code. I have also attached the one we did in 2007 with the Viper Racing Yellow paint code. Yea, the yellow one was a little faster for some reason—not sure why. Thanks to Mark at Woodhouse for his help with the paint codes. We can’t wait until the next project.

Diecast ACR

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By Maurice Q. Liang

A welcome but last minute addition to the Viper ACR collectibles is this new Bburago 1/24 scale model (#18-21046). It’s the first larger diecast model of the ACR. Comes in red with black hood and red driver’s stripe paint scheme, and features opening hood, opening doors, and steerable wheels.


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By Kim A. Peterson

Okay, I have been impressed with the garage mahal photos in the past. But let’s get down to basics—not everyone in the Viper Nation is a gazillionaire. Here are pictures of my just finished garage. My second Dodge Viper, a 1995 RT/10 red with tan hides, is my pride and joy, and I would not sell it for anything—notice the 2006 wheel update. And, of course, there is my new 2006 Slate Crystal Pearl SRT10® —and check out those 6-spoke wheels.

The garage is painted with all the racing flag colors, and my assortment of various pictures and posters. How could I be in the flooring business and not have a garage without a kick-asp checkerboard floor? Betty Boop says it all, “Boop-oop-a-doop! Illinois Viper Club Rocks!”

We Love All Three …

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By Jack LoVerde

This is my 1996 Dodge Viper RT/10 that I purchased seven years ago. I’ve put a few bucks in it with red inserts in the seats, Eibach suspension, powder-coated red calipers, custom exhaust and those 3-piece Forgiato wheels wrapped in Pirelli tires. I absolutely love the Viper and hope to never part with it—unless I get a new ACR. My other car is a 2001 Plymouth Prowler and my wife drives a 2005 Chrysler 300C, which we bought new.

We love all three—a Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge. Now I’d like to get that new ACR, if I only had the garage space.

Viper Weddings

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Northern California VCA members Donita and Robert Granado tied the knot on April 24, 2010. Of course, being Viper club members, their wedding wouldn’t be complete without some Vipers and Viper friends! As Terri Angen said, “That’s true love—letting someone sit on your Viper!”

International Viper Registry (IVR) founder Jay Herbert tied the knot recently with Elaine Wang of Sunnyvale, Calif. Coincidentally, the ceremony was held at the Blackhawk (auto) Museum in Danville, Calif., where Maurice Liang held the first IVR gathering in Northern California in 1994.

Old Friends Reunite at Car Show—Viper Wins the Crowd

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By Brian Kroger

Last summer an old friend from high school, Dave, got in touch with me for the first time in 34-years. After talking, we found we shared an interest in performance cars and Dave owns a rare 850 Series BMW V12. We ended up taking our rides to a local car show. Now, I’m not really into showing my Viper at shows, but he talked me into it.

So Dave breaks the ice with the comment, “I have a V12, got you beat.” I laughed and started talking about our rides. Both rides got a lot of attention
at the show. I never had such a wonderful time with an old friend. As we were about to leave the word Viper came over the loud speaker. With Dave telling me, “I think you won something.” As it turns out, my ’98 Viper RT/10 won favorite of show. What a nice bonus to a great day with an old friend. Dave
took the picture of our rides just before we left.

Like Son, Like Father

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By Rich Berube

It all started in 1993 when my son Darren saw his first Dodge Viper in a magazine. He was hooked. When the 1996 GTS came out his room was filled with posters and model cars. Of course, he chose the GTS in blue with the white stripes. At that point in his life he made a decision that he would one day own a 1996 Dodge Viper GTS.

As a junior in high school, he purchased my old Toyota pickup. He had the option to buy a sportier ride, but chose not to do so. He graduated from college and took a job in the Dallas area. During this time I had come across a great deal on a Pontiac Trans Am but he did not budge and kept saving his money. In May of 2004, he called and said he had found a car in Amarillo, Texas. It was owned by a doctor and had a little over 8,700 miles on it. And yes it was a 1996 GTS, blue with white stripes. He and a friend went to look at the car. It was exactly what he wanted and he drove it home.

The following weekend was Mother’s Day and he drove the car to Wichita. Wow, what a ride. We took the GTS for a spin and I was immediately hooked. There is nothing like a Viper. The torque is awesome. I was currently driving a supercharged Dodge Dakota and knew that it had to go. My search started immediately. It took several months, but in July I found my own Viper on the Internet. It is a 1999 Silver GTS. My son has kept his GTS stock but I am a performance nut and had a Roe Supercharger installed. WOW!

We are having a blast with the cars. No trailer queens here. They are driven often. Like son, like father. What can I say, we both love our Vipers!

My Viper Experience

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By Don Firth

My wife, Eunice and I both own Vipers. We actively participate in South Florida Viper Club activities and drive on the tracks at Sebring, Homestead and Palm Beach, Fla.

Here are photos of Eunice and myself at the Biltmore during a Viper Tennessee rally, our two Vipers and two members of our office staff posing with our newest Viper.
I purchased my silver Viper in 2005. I went to an auto showroom to buy a Ferrari and drove away in a Viper—never regretting the switch in plans. A few months later I added a supercharger from Doug Levin Motorsports, which boosted the power to almost 800 hp. I participated in annual track events at Sebring with Skip Thomas and Danny Archer as well as HookedOnDriving, FARA, ERME and Chin.

In 2008, Eunice drove my Viper at Sebring and Homestead tracks. As she started as a novice, we were in two classes and were able to slip-seat my Viper for these events. Then in 2009, she advanced to the same class that I was driving. The only solution was to get a second Viper.

Eunice had glimpsed the Snakeskin Green Viper one evening, a year earlier, and decided that was the car for her. I went online in May 2009 to find that there were only two such cars available in the USA. One was 1,500 miles away; the second was 20 miles away. She bought it sight unseen from University Dodge in Fort Lauderdale. This was the only Snakeskin Green produced with the black stripes, spoiler and splitter. After only 7 months, she already has 10,000 miles on the clock.

We enjoy the Viper experience, which includes day-to-day driving, track events and even drag racing. However, the best experience is the new friends we have made during the Viper Club events.

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