Vipers at the Biltmore

Written by editor on . Posted in Viper Lifestyles, Winter 2010

By John Slaughter

Vipers at the Biltmore was a great success! Special thanks to Don, Brian and Mike for all your efforts on making this event happen, to the Viper Club of Ontario for bringing your members down and making this an international event, and thanks to all those who attended and made this event so fun!

Thirty-five Vipers made the event, and over 20 actually made it to the 7 a.m. photo shoot! The event started with everyone arriving and getting to park along the wall at the far end of the field from the Biltmore (apparently some Porsche club was there and couldn’t do it because we already claimed it!). Everyone had an opportunity to check out the cars, and tour the home and surroundings. From there, we had a nice buffet lunch at the Deerpark Restaurant on the estate, and then about half the Vipers took a scenic cruise out to Lake Lure. That evening, we had another buffet for dinner offsite and many joined in for an evening social at the Inn at the Biltmore. The second day started out with the 7 a.m. photo shoot, with the group shot as well as individual cars close up at the Biltmore. That was followed by a buffet breakfast at the Inn at the Biltmore, another nice scenic cruise on the Blue Ridge Parkway and into Cherokee, N.C., followed by a final lunch.

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