Lunga Vita Viper!

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Lunga vita Viper? That’s Italian for long live the Viper.

Thank you Chrysler Group LLC for keeping Dodge Viper in production. Grazie a tu Fiat S.p.A. executives for your decision to keep Viper in the immediate family. After all, Viper is Chrysler Group’s crown jewel and the epitome of SRT® performance vehicles.

Was it happenstance that the Viper was the first car to be put back into production under the new Chrysler Group LLC? Of course not. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Viper was symbolic of the re-emerging company. We were proud to see Conner Avenue Assembly leading the charge back into action!

Now that the Viper faithful can breathe a little easier, it’s exciting to think about what the future could bring under Fiat S.p.A. leadership. Imagine what could happen when the brain trusts of Ferrari and Maserati have a chance to mix with Viper performance engineers. Yes, the sparks will fly and yes, something American-Italian could be very tasty on tomorrow’s menu.

Speaking of something tasty, have you had a chance to purchase your VCA raffle tickets?
If not, you’ll want to act immediately by the Friday, October 16 deadline. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own #99 of 100 GTS-R cars Dodge built in 1998. Number 99 is extra special because it was specially hand-crafted for former Chrysler President Bob Lutz. And if owning #99 isn’t enough to satisfy your appetite, you can fill up on conversation over dinner with the man himself. Dinner with Bob Lutz is part of the package and many would say that alone is worth the price of a raffle ticket. For details on how to purchase tickets and the other prizes turn to page 37.

By the way, did you have time to participate in any Viper club outings or events this past summer? We hope so because that’s what owning a Viper is all about. If you were somehow cheated this summer, make it a point to go on a fall outing with your VCA friends and family. It’s a great time of year to enjoy a spectacular ride taking in the fall colors. We at VIPER Magazine would love to report on some of your scenic travels and fun you had with your Viper friends in our next issue.


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