Hook ‘Em Horns

Written by editor on . Posted in Summer 2009

By George Farris

About a year ago, all was going well for a car guy like Bunky Preston of Amarillo, Texas. He had a 2002 Yellow Viper RT/10 and a 2001 Burnt Orange Prowler. Of course, being an avid Texas Longhorn fan, the Prowler was indeed the right color.

Like many Viper fans, Bunky’s neat and orderly world changed when Dodge introduced the 2008 Viper with 600 hp and all those different colors. It was more than Bunky could take. He desperately wanted the very Viper Orange to keep true to the Longhorns, but that would be one of the last colors available and he didn’t want to put his desire on hold for that amount of time.

So studying the colors again, Bunky decided to go with a Snakeskin Green coupe with white stripes. It turned out to be a stunner. The car has been a hit all over Amarillo and even down in Austin at the Hill County Cruises this past summer.

But since he was still affected by Longhorn fever, the orange car became too much to resist. So Bunky did what any self-respecting Viper fan would do—he ordered up another Viper. This one is very Viper Orange with white stripes. As neat as his garage was before, it is super neat now with those two beautiful 600 hp beasts!

In the photos with the new Vipers are Bunky and his daughter, Austin. No surprise there. After all, being a Longhorn fan, no way was she going to be named Ann Arbor, South Bend, Coral Gables or Tuscaloosa.

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