Viper Mileage Manages to Surprise

Written by editor on . Posted in Viper Lifestyles, Winter 2009 recently took the 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10® out for a week of test-drives. Here is an excerpt: “The Dodge Viper leaves our offices today after a week of me tooling around in the sinister coupe, and sitting at my desk this morning I had to tally up the gas receipts for the week.

“Much to my surprise, the dang thing got 20.17 mpg over the course of 750 miles, which ain’t too shabby. Official EPA estimates put the Viper at 13/22 mpg city/highway, so looking back those numbers aren’t too surprising, but they’re still impressive for a 600-horsepower supercar. A four-wheel-drive 2009 Honda Pilot also is rated at 22 mpg highway, but don’t take that tidbit as a direct comparison, just a fun fact.”

The article continued, “The coupe is an insanely fast car to drive on the street, but I was cautious while ‘testing’ it. If you want to push it, by the time first gear is done the car will have reached or exceeded the majority of legal speed limits. Even being conservative, though, something still doesn’t compute when you say ‘Viper’ and ‘20 mpg’ in the same sentence.”

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