Perfect Match

Written by editor on . Posted in Summer 2010, Viper Lifestyles

By Brian Reynolds

We are in the business of rebuilding and selling helicopters and as a Dodge Viper enthusiast I look for a new color to build a show helicopter with every year. The problem is I end up having to buy the car to make sure I like the colors! Here’s the project we did last year. It’s an overhauled and modified Bell UH-1H Huey. It’s painted with Viper Violet and black and looks stunning in person! I just sold it to a customer in Alaska. We added some silver to it for him but it still—and always will be—the only Huey painted with the Viper Violet paint code. I have also attached the one we did in 2007 with the Viper Racing Yellow paint code. Yea, the yellow one was a little faster for some reason—not sure why. Thanks to Mark at Woodhouse for his help with the paint codes. We can’t wait until the next project.

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