Brotherly Love

Written by editor on . Posted in Spring 2009, Viper Lifestyles

By Paul Schlageter

I want to tell everyone that I enjoy VIPER Magazine very much—especially the Tech Notes section. My brother and I both have 1995 RT/10s. We got them about six years ago and have had little or no problems with them. Mine is the red one and my brother Kurt has the black.

When we were growing up one of us always had to have a better car than the other. Now we have the same but, as I tell him, mine is better because it has “Last 300 side exhaust” etched on the frame.

We live in Grass Valley, California, so we get to drive them almost all year round. And all Viper owners know you always get the looks from people. As my brother and I say, “A Corvette is just a Corvette, a Porsche is just a Porsche—but a Viper is bad!”

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