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By Kim A. Peterson

Okay, I have been impressed with the garage mahal photos in the past. But let’s get down to basics—not everyone in the Viper Nation is a gazillionaire. Here are pictures of my just finished garage. My second Dodge Viper, a 1995 RT/10 red with tan hides, is my pride and joy, and I would not sell it for anything—notice the 2006 wheel update. And, of course, there is my new 2006 Slate Crystal Pearl SRT10® —and check out those 6-spoke wheels.

The garage is painted with all the racing flag colors, and my assortment of various pictures and posters. How could I be in the flooring business and not have a garage without a kick-asp checkerboard floor? Betty Boop says it all, “Boop-oop-a-doop! Illinois Viper Club Rocks!”

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