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VIPER Magazine is the voice of the Viper Nation and the official magazine of the Viper Club of America. That makes VIPER Magazine a powerful and successful sales tool.

VIPER Magazine readers have an abiding interest in the Dodge Viper and the Viper Experience. Anything that appears on the pages of VIPER Magazine becomes part of the Viper Experience. VIPER Magazine readers are the well-established, well-compensated men and women who want to buy your product and have the means to do so.


Advertising in VIPER Magazine requires an insertion order or written confirmation prior to the ad close date to reserve ad placement.

Cancellations are not accepted after the ad close date.

Frequency discounts are earned within a 12-month (four issues) contract period.

All space rates are net and not commissionable.

Advertising space in VIPER Magazine is limited. The publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel advertising at any time.

Advertisers will be short-rated if the contract frequency is not fulfilled within the 12-month contract period.

Send payment and materials to:

[email protected]

Reader Profile

The men and women who read VIPER Magazine have the income and the motivation to follow their enthusiasm to the ultimate degree.

VM subscribers are well known to be car fanatics (73 percent have attended the huge Viper Owners Invitational). They buy aftermarket engine components, interior and exterior accessories, vehicle care products, sportswear, travel gear and much more. These are also readers who own or operate companies and corporations. And because they typically run the show, if they aren’t buying for their companies themselves, they strongly influence purchase decisions.

Some of key Viper owner demographics:

  • Nearly all are business executives, managers, or owners
  • Nearly all have annual household incomes over $250K
  • 58% own or control a business
  • More than 84% of those have business fleet vehicles they control
  • 28% of owners/subscribers have five or more personal vehicles
  • 60% own two or more Vipers
  • The average Viper owner spends over $9,900.00 on parts and accessories
  • There have been almost 30,000 Vipers built to date

* Source: Chrysler Group LLC, 2012

Advertising Specifications

Digital Specifications: Supplied digital files are required.

Accepted File Formats: EPS, PDF, TIFF, JPG, PSD.

Resolution: All files should be supplied to scale at 300 dpi.

Fonts: All fonts must be embedded.

Colors: All ads should be prepared utilizing the CMYK color mode.

Proofs: All ads should be accompanied by a commercial-grade digital proof.

Film: Film (or camera-ready art) is not accepted.


2014 Rates

Position 1x 2x 4x
Inside Front Cover (as available) $3300 $3000 $2750
Inside Back Cover (as available) $3000 $2800 $2500
Back Cover (as available) $3300 $3000 $2750
Spread $4800 $4300 $3900
Single Page $2800 $2400 $2250
1/2 Page $1400 $1300 $1150
1/3 Page $900 $855 $800
1/4 Page $775 $665 $625

For special advertising formats and annual prepay discounts, please contact our advertising manager.

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