COMPLETE VIPER Magazine Poster Set: 1995 - 2012

This is it!  Everybody has been easerly awaiting the full VIPER magazine poster set and it is finally available for sale.  Beautiful prints of every cover from the very first issue of 1995 through the very last issue of 2012, this set covers them all.  See how both the car and the magazine evolved over time, always capturing the best Viper moments of the day.  Whether it was the first drive of the GT2, to winning at Le Mans, to setting a new record at Nurburgring - it all captured here in this exclusive set of magazine cover posters.

Seventy-six (yes, 76) posters in all, they measure 18x24" and are perfect for framing.  We have seen them proudly displayed as complete wall coverings to circling the garage for all the world to see.  One gentleman put them up in every hallway of his home - very cool!  Up until now only those covers through 2006 were available.  Having secured the original artwork for the remaining magazine covers, we were able to print everything from 2007 through 2012. A few notes:

  • Posters from 1995 - 2006 are a standard semi-gloss paper
  • Posters from 2007 - 2012 are a thicker, high-gloss laminated paper (you will be very pleasantly surprised)
  • As with all sets shipped over the past several years, there are a couple older ones that have less than perfect resolution.  They look fantastic regardless, but your magnifying glass may pick up on a couple that aren't as crisp.
  • The original sets have all shipped (and will continue to ship) with two duplicated bar codes from the previous publisher.  Different and correct covers, but since we noticed it we figured somebody else might too.
  • Previously shipped in multiple tubes, they will be shipped in a single flat box to keep them as good as new.  Note that the earlier (1995 - 2006) posters may still have some curve to them as they have been stored in tubes for years.
  • We have limited supplies of certain prints, so be sure to get your order in early to get the entire set!

Don't miss this great opportunity to pick up a unique set of awesome Viper posters for less than $8.00 per poster.  You will be very glad you did! 

NOTE: While the main product photo shows all covers produced from 1995 through 2011, you will also get all 2012 posters as shown below:

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Price: $575.00